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Ian Ozsvald

Ian is a Chief Data Scientist, has helped co-organise the annual PyDataLondon conference raising $100k+ annually for the open source movement along with the associated 11,000+ member monthly meetup.

Using data science he's helped clients find $2M in recoverable fraud, created the core IP which opened funding rounds for automated recruitment start-ups and diagnosed how major media companies can better supply recommendations to viewers. He gives conference talks internationally often as keynote speaker and is the author of the bestselling O'Reilly book High Performance Python (2nd edition). He has over 20 years of experience as a senior data science leader, trainer and team coach. For fun he's walked by his high-energy Springer Spaniel, surfs the Cornish coast and drinks fine coffee. Past talks and articles can be found at:

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Data Science Project Patterns that Work
Ian Ozsvald

Getting your team to choose good projects, reliably derisk them, research ideas, productionise the solutions and create positive change in an organisation is hard. Really hard.
I'll present patterns that work for these 5 critical project stages. This guidance is based on 15 years of experience writing AI and DS solutions and 5 years giving both strategic guidance training on how to get to success.
You'll come away from the session with new techniques to help your team deliver successfully and increase their confidence in the roadmap, new thoughts on how to diagnose your model's quality and new ideas to make positive difference in your organisation.

Talk Track I
Executives at PyData
Ian Ozsvald, Lauren Oldja, Douglas Squirrel

Executives at PyData is a facilitated discussion session for leaders on the challenges around designing and delivering successful projects, organizational communication, product management and design, hiring, and team growth.

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