PyData Global 2022

Testing Pandas: Shoots, leaves, and garbage!
12-02, 20:00–20:30 (UTC), Talk Track II

"It works on my machine"... those dreaded words.

"I'm not a developer, I don't know how to test"... arghhh.

"Let QA test it"....

No more excuses. Learn how to debug and test Pandas code.

How do you structure Pandas code? How do you debug it? How do you test it?

In this talk, we will use real-world data to explore best practices for writing Pandas code, debugging it, managing data integrity, using pytest, and generating tests with Hypothesis.

No more excuses.

Prior Knowledge Expected

Previous knowledge expected

Matt has a CS degree from Stanford University. He is a best-selling author on Python and Data subjects. His books: Effective Pandas, Illustrated Guide to Learning Python 3, Intermediate Python, Learning the Pandas Library, and Effective PyCharm have all been best-selling books on Amazon. He just published Machine Learning Pocket Reference and Pandas Cookbook (Second Edition). He has taught courses at large companies (Netflix, NASA, Verizon, Adobe, HP, Exxon, and more), Universities (Stanford, University of Utah, BYU), as well as small companies. He has been using Python since 2000 and has taught thousands through live training both online and in person.